Who Needs the Supermoon When You Have Tortillas?

Who Needs the Supermoon When You Have Tortillas?

  • Remember Blood Moon from a couple years ago? Blood Moon got NOTHING on Supermoon! Not least because you can’t make Blood Moon out of a tortilla (well, at least not without a lot of hot sauce).

    In case you don’t keep up to date on astronomical happenings, the so-called Supermoon is a phenomenon that occurs when the moon is both full and as close to the Earth as it gets. Basically, the Supermoon is just a really big moon — like, Majora’s Mask big. (If you’re one to split hairs, the moon isn’t actually any bigger; it just looks like it is. Now go be a pedant somewhere else.)

    People all over the world did their darnedest to capture photos of the rare, elusive Supermoon this week… and mostly failed. It’s hard to take a good photo of the moon if you don’t have a good understanding of photography and the right lenses — even if the moon is super freaking enormous.

    Good news, though. You can still have your own lovely Supermoon picture. All you need is a tortilla and your imagination. Check out our video above for some of the best tortilla-based Supermoons!

    Also, this is as good a time as any to get you into the music of The Men. They have a song called “Supermoon” off their 2013 album New Moon, and it’s wicked intense. Check it out:

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