Glenn Beck’s Hipster Scarf Becomes Hilarious Meme

Glenn Beck's Hipster Scarf Becomes Hilarious Meme

  • Glenn Beck, conservative libertarian (or as Jon Stewart calls him, “conservatarian”), commentator, potential brony, and… fashion icon?

    The conservative commentator has been widely accused of becoming more liberal in the past few years. From endorsing Hillary Clinton for President to saying Barack Obama “made (him) a better man,” Beck is not the fire-breather he once was.

    The surest evidence of this so far has got to be this photo of him in a very hipster-y scarf that surfaced recently:

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  • I’m not going to waste your time with a whole bunch of words on this one. I’m going to get straight to the memes. Here are some of the funniest reactions Twitter has had to Glenn Beck’s new fashion-forward persona:

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  • And my personal favorite:

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  • Oh, Glenn. Maybe you just had a cold neck that needed covering and never thought you’d be the subject of a meme. At least it’s not a kaffiyeh.

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