Nicole Kidman Talks Awkard Dating Experience With Jimmy Fallon AGAIN

Nicole Kidman Talks Awkard Dating Experience With Jimmy Fallon AGAIN

  • For a second there I thought Miranda Sings held the title for ‘Most Hilarious/Awkward Guest’ to hit Fallon’s couch… that is until Nicole Kidman returned.

    Let’s go back to 2015 when all of this Jimmy/Nicole awkwardness first went down. During an interview on The Tonight Show, Kidman talked about her failed dating experience with Fallon. The pair had hung out a number of times years ago (before either of them were married), but…

    Plot twist: Jimmy didn’t realize it was a date.

    Nicole says they had “no chemistry,” and even admitted she thought he was gay.

    Fast-forward one year, and we have a sequel to that iconic interview in which Nicole brings up yet another failed dating experience with Jimmy.

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  • Based on Jimmy’s reactions, I’m starting to feel like Nicole is just making these stories up for the fun of it! They are hilarious though, so let’s play along.

    According to Nicole, Jimmy failed to score with her a second time when they were at a party. She remembers waiting and waiting for Jimmy to ask for her number, and… he never did!

    Real smooth, Jimmy. Real smooth.

    Before the segment between the two got any more uncomfortable than it had to be, Nicole’s husband, country singer Keith Urban, surprised Jimmy by joining them on stage. Just when we thought it would be over… instead of taking his own seat (like any normal person would) he insisted on pulling Nicole off of hers so she could sit on his lap.

    I understand you two are married and in love and all that cute stuff, but come on! Fallon and us audience members can only take so much.

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