The Dress, Part Two: These Flip-Flops Are Blue and Gray, Dammit

The Dress, Part Two: These Flip-Flops Are Blue and Gray, Dammit

  • It’s time for people to stop wondering what colors things are. Clearly, we all see different colors differently. Your red is not my red. It’s time to move on to other issues. Yet here we remain, stagnant, wondering what color these flip flops are. As a society, we’re not past The Dress.

    For the record, that dress was blue and black, and everyone (Ed.: Like me!) who saw white and gold was dead wrong. These flip flops, however, are clearly blue and gray. And yet, according to BuzzFeed, I’m in the minority. Somehow. Yet I have evidence to support my claim. Look at the zip ties on the flip flops. They are white. So if the flip flops were white, they would be white in the picture:

  • “What colors do you see?”, asks the caption.

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  • The internet, it seems, is on a mission to drive humanity to the point of insanity. These types of things should not be trends. Because the colors of the flip flops are obvious. The manufacturer confirmed to the Huffington Post that they’re… dark blue and light blue?! I WAS WRONG?!

    Okay, guys. Let’s move on to bigger things and admit all of us are wrong about the colors of these damn flip-flops.

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