Why Zayn and Other Artists Didn’t Get Grammy Nominations

Why Zayn and Other Artists Didn't Get Grammy Nominations

  • The 2017 Grammy nominations are here, and like years past, many fans feel that their favorite artists got snubbed of well-earned nominations. Why didn’t Justin Timberlake’s hit song Can’t Stop the Feeling get nominated? What about The Weeknd, or Frank Ocean? In some cases, it may have just been a timing issue (albums have to be released between a certain time period to be considered). In others, like Frank Ocean revealed to the New York Times, it might be because the artists deliberately chose not to submit.

    Other artists, however, got beat out fair and square. Take Zayn, for example. His fans thought he was a shoo-in for Best New Artist, but due to his previous album success with One Direction, he no longer qualifies for that category.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I were a Zayn fan, though. He’s already experienced plenty of success with his first solo album, and won the AMA for Best New Artist of the Year just last month. I’m sure his future projects will snag him some Grammy nominations in the years to come.

    Who else do you think got snubbed of a Grammy nomination? I say Tori Kelly (mostly because I still think she was robbed at last year’s award show).

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