Nicolas Cage Gets MEME’D After Posing With First Lady of Kazakhstan

Nicolas Cage Gets MEME'D After Posing With First Lady of Kazakhstan

  • While actor Nicolas Cage was visiting Kazakhstan for the 13th Eurasia International Film Festival, he posed for a photo in traditional clothing with the First Lady of Kazakhstan.

    The photo op found it’s way to Twitter and all hell broke loose.

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  • This publicity photo was first posted to Twitter by reporter Yashar Ali, saying “Nic Cage is in with the First Lady. It’s likely he got paid for this (he’s broke), I have reached out to his publicist.”

    Even Nicolas Cage is hustling in the gig economy. Not gonna knock a guy for making a buck. Plus, he got a free vacation to Kazakhstan!

    But, people noticed that Cage wasn’t just wearing a big furry coat and hat… he was also wearing this very haunted look on his face.

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  • The fun doesn’t stop there. Folks have also been photoshopping cage into historical photos.

    Here’s Cage with the Trump Family meeting the Pope:

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  • And just because it couldn’t get weirder, Cage seems at home in this photo of Elvis meeting Nixon.

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