Luci: The Sexbot That Will Text You Back

Luci: The Sexbot That Will Text You Back

  • Meet Luci. She’s a “sexbot” who’ll be on display at New York’s Museum of Sex starting Friday, December 15.

    Luci is an interactive sex robot, which means if you tweet at her or tag her on Instagram, she’ll send you a sexy message in return.

    Artist Maggie West said she created Luci to poke fun of stereotypes about Millennial sex habits. She said “I noticed that millennials were either depicted as ‘Tinder monsters’ that are constantly using the internet to hook up …. or not having sex at all because we are so obsessed with pornography or online hookups.” She added: “I thought both of these things were a little ridiculous so I thought I’d wrap them both up into this satirical story about an alien sex robot.”

    West created Luci in partnership with Lelo, makers of fine sex toys, including the SONA Cruise, a vibrator shaped like a computer mouse that holds at around 3,300 RPM.

    Now, Luci isn’t just some cheap, thoughtless sex toy. She’s a serious character with a backstory. Lucy is an alien sexbot from the planet Xeron who’s come to earth to rejuvenate weak millennial sex drives. “Through her sultry selfies and hot sexts, Luci is seducing Earth’s top influencers and re-engaging depleted millennial sex drives.”

    Some of those influencers have already had a chance to get acquainted with Luci, including Megan Fay, Gaby Dunn, and KA5SH (“Cash”).

    If you’re in New York, you’ll have until February 15 to go meet Luci. Of course, you can tweet her from anywhere and get a sexy response. Don’t expect anything too graphic from Luci, though. The messages she’s sent so far are “Come and play with my wiring” and “Hope you like it rough, because I byte.”

    Regardless of what you think about Luci, she’s right about millennial sex being different from previous generations. In fact, younger millennials may be having less sex than any other generation in the last 60 years! We’re not exactly sure why, but plenty of theories have been put forth, including a culture of overwork, anxieties surrounding consent, and an increase in the use of antidepressants.

    But, just because millennials aren’t boning as much as their parents did, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Now, I know when we said “sex robot” you probably thought this would be a robot you could have sex with. Even though that’s not true, sex robots are on the way! Last year, Hong Kong designer Ricky Ma developed this actual sex robot named Mark-1, though you’ll notice it bares a striking resemblance to Scarlett Johansson.

    On second thought, maybe we will stick with just the tweeting sexbot for now.

    What do you think? Are Millennials in need of a spark when it comes to their sex drive? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter!