The Dark Side of Social Media: Who Has the “Right” to Be Online?

  • This summer has been wrought with unrest through out the world, and previous to the recent string of riots in the UK social media was praised in the unification and mobilization of the masses against oppressive regimes. Our friends at Column Five Media present the facts, and leave it up to you to decide whether the communicative reach of socialmedia in terms of uniting groups against governments — good or bad —  can be harnessed or should be shut off.

  • Both Mubarak and Gaddafi both fell victim to the communicative online masses and have both been held accountable for their crimes since.  But, as social media gets a bad name in the press and the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron, formally proposes a way to inhibit the channelsmade available through social media in light of the rioting that began in Tottenham, will government officials step in to levy against the sites?