What’s Adrian Grenier Dreaming About Post-Entourage?

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  • Tonic.com caught up with Adrian Grenier who is one of the producers of “Don’t Quit Your Daydream,” a new documentary that follows two guys in a band called The Good Listeners, living their dream of being full-time musicians, as they trekked across America recording slice of life experiences that shape their third album.

    Discussing the film Adrian says, “It’s about finding purpose through music and about two friends who realize how successful they already are because they have each other to inspire one another.” He adds, “It’s a sacred thing to find someone to make music with especially when it is as amazing as The Good Listeners. These boys realize, and us through them, that the act of creating music is the gift and along the way we experience their journey of discovering that it’s the music itself that make us feel connected to each other.

    Personally, Adrian told Tonic, “I started (daydreaming) when I was very young, and I haven’t stopped since. I’m full of imagination,” and admits, “I used to get in trouble in class for daydreaming. ” But he says, “I think acting and directing and playing music (all loves of mine) are less dreaming and more methods of bringing dreams into reality; manifesting dreams.”

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