Red Sox Lose In Spectacular Fashion (Again) – Internet Explodes

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    (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)

  • Fans (and haters) of the Boston Red Sox had a lot to talk about online as the Red Sox completed the biggest September collapse in professional baseball’s long history. And they managed to implode in the most Red Sox way possible, joining Bucky Dent and Bill Buckner in the long list of heart wrenching and spectacular disasters in Sox history.

    By now, everyone knows the story. In a span of four minutes, the Boston Red Sox blew a 1 run ninth inning lead followed by an Evan Longoria homer that ended any speculation of game #163 with a spectacular finish to an improbable comeback by the Tampa Bay Rays. Down 7-0 at one point, the Rays came back with a hand from the Yankees who opted not to use the all-time saves leader, Mariano Rivera, in the ninth that left the door open to a last strike game tying homer by Dan Johnson.

    The only good thing about the collapse from the perspective of Red Sox fans? Commiserating with our favorite Boston fans online:


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