Parlotones: Online Bands Wanted

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  • The Parlotones know what it takes to get their music out there. They have streaming songs available on their website and upon a first look, you know everything they have going on. This, of course, includes their Internet based campaign to find the best opening act for every city they are playing in.

    Thrill Call is a website that helps artists promote shows and fans find shows easily. The band has teamed up with them to find the crème de la crème of bands in each local scene. They’re asking fans to vote for their favorites or even bands to, shamelessly, submit themselves. In addition to this, the band is taking fans around the world by creating a physical passport to mark every place they’ve seen the Parlotones. Cool, huh?

    With their countless tweets rolling through every few minutes, @Parlotones’ official account with 23k followers, and enough Lockerz views to make your head spin, this band proves themselves “socially” savvy. It makes complete sense to rely on the people in the scenes that know it best and if fans or bands are interested, The Parlotones make this opportunity easy to find.

    Tonya Cooke is from The Roxy, the famed L.A. music spot that has hosted hundreds of other famous acts such as Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, X, David Bowie, Warren Zevon, and My Chemical Romance. To learn more, click here.