Know Your Meme: Memes You Might Have Missed Including Insanity Puppy and Photoshop Scandal

  • The Internet Mourns Steve Jobs’ Death

    The death of tech industry titan and folk hero Steve Jobs caused an unprecedented outpouring of emotion on the Internet after the news broke on Wednesday night. Twitter hashtags like #ThankYouSteve, #iSad and #SteveJobs soared to the top 10 trending topics, Wired and BoingBoing changed their website backgrounds to honor Apple’s former CEO and Google even added a link to Apple’s commemorative page. An inspiring, and somewhat eerie, video of Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address began making the rounds, often accompanied by the quote “stay hungry, stay foolish.”

  • On Twitter: #OccupySesameStreet, parody hashtag

    Last friday, a rumor surfaced via Twitter that the U.K. alternative band Radiohead is playing a surprise set at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrator’s HQ to support the cause. Within hours, the band’s spokesperson confirmed there was no concert scheduled, popping the bubbles of thousands of fans and college students. On the same day, NonStopDemo from Brooklyn tweeted an image of Kermit the Frog with the caption “Skip Class, Radiohead is here, dawg!” using the hashtag #OccupySesameStreet. It was later picked up by comedian Patton Oswalt, who wrote:

    “The counting vampires are destroying America!”

    Soon, other tongue-in-cheek tweets followed, perhaps reflecting the growing criticisms of protesters wandering in the absence of leadership.

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  • Image Macro: Insanity Puppy

    Insanity Puppy is an advice animal image macro series featuring a siberian husky puppy with a mischievous grin that’s reminiscent of a cartoon villain. The character is depicted as a younger version of Insanity Wolf and some similar to Baby Courage Pup variations. The original photographs of this siberan husky puppy was uploaded on September 1st by Redditor upparoom in a thread titled “My puppy will eat your soul and ask for seconds,” inviting hundreds of comments and captioned lulz.

  • Back on the Radar: Honey Badger’s Commercial Venture

    Honey Badger Randall, the flamboyant narrator of the hilarious Wild Wild Animals series recently finished a voiceover gig for a pistachio commercial starring, you guessed it, a honey badger. The Wonderful Pistachio snack company has previously referenced several other Internet trends in various commercials including Keyboard Cat videos, the Angry Birds videogame and the Annoying Orange YouTube show.

    The Meme Forecaster: Imminent Ned

  • A new image macro series allows those who are able to predict the coming wave of Internet trends with a method of warning others of the coming onslaught. Imminent Ned uses a photo of Ned Stark from the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones with captions advising readers to “brace themselves” for the fury of posts related to any given trending topic. The meme has become so prevalent that it whenever a major event occurs, it even references itself:

    Meanwhile in the Philippines: Photoshop Scandal

    Pro-tip for social media experts in the government: Don’t try to pass shoops as real.

    Following the lethal strike of Typhoon Nesat in the Phillippines, a photograph of three government officials wearing hard hats in what appears to be a disaster clean-up site was posted on a government official Facebook page. It was a timely PR win for the government, until a civil engineer noticed the “floating” appearance of the officials and blogged that the image had been photoshopped. The news spread virally through Facebook, giving to yet another epic round of photoshoppery. Back in June, China’s Huili county became the target of similar mockery online after releasing a doctored image of officials visiting a construction site.

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