Apple iOS 5 Makes Room for Foursquare’s Local Love

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  • Today is the day Apple fanatics and iPhone users around the world have been waiting for patiently amid all the recent iNews that’s proliferated the technosphere. Today, Apple made its most highly anticipated next generation mobile operating system, iOS 5, available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. When people take advantage of the free system upgrade, they’ll also receive the wireless iCloud service, which enables users to store content in the “cloud.” Coincidentally, iCloud was the last Apple service introduced by Steve Jobs before he passed away.

    The new iOS 5 comes with 200 features including a notification center, a custom Newsstand for subscriptions, Reminders that help your organize your life, and iMessage that for free texting across all iOS devices.

    The advent of the system upgrade has allowed for iPhone apps, such as Foursquare, to make use of the new functionality. Along with the release of its 4.0 version, Foursquare has come out with a feature called Radar, which lets users know when they’re near locations on tip lists that include restaurants and other recreations spots they want to try.

    Some people are having trouble with the update however, the HUGE demand is causing server delays and error messgaes causing it to trend on Twitter:

  • It’s only a matter of time before other apps leverage iOS 5 in different ways.