iPhone’s Siri: Creepy or Cool?

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  • Apparently, Siri surpasses any voice command technology ever seen by mainstream consumers. Siri is not only able to make tasks like replying to voicemail and texts handsfree, but it’s also able to understand complex contextualized commands. During the Apple keynote last week, Apple’s Senior VP of iOS Software Eric Forstall demonstrated Siri’s effectiveness by asking questions about the state of the weather in many similar but distinctly different ways. Siri passed the live test error free.

    The ability for Siri to understand slang and colloquial phrases is incredible…and perhaps a bit unnerving. Right now Siri is limited to facts and command and query processing, but how long until we start asking our iPhones subjective questions? Do you think she’s right for me? Does this dress make me look fat? Should I start a global-thermonuclear war? And, will there come a point at which my phone realizes, “That user constantly asks questions that I already have the answer to, what do I need my user for?”

    Here’s what some of you are saying about the super smart Siri.