Julianne Hough vs The Thing: Hollywood.com Preview

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  • Paramount goes totally 80’s this weekend with their remake of the 1984 mega-hit “Footloose” which could top the chart with a gross in the high teens to low twenties. The original starring Kevin Bacon as a renegade teen who wants to bring his dance skills to a small town was the 7th highest grossing film released that year raking in an impressive $80 million (about $192 million in today’s dollars). This new version will bring this story of small town values vs. personal expression to a whole new generation of fans this weekend.

  • “Real Steel” was the number one film last weekend and the Disney release will attempt to score another knockout against those pesky dancing teens with a gross in the $15 million range. The PG-13 futuristic action film stars Hugh Jackman as a father who along with his son bring an underdog robot boxing champ back into the ring for another shot at glory. $50 million in total prize money awaits the film at the end of the weekend.

  • Universal’s “The Thing” is the latest version of the horror yarn about a group of scientists who are stalked by a murderous shape-shifting alien while trapped in a remote Antarctic outpost. The original version released in 1951 was updated in 1982 by revered horror director John Carpenter, starred Kurt Russell and earned a total of $19.6 million. An expected mid-teen debut awaits this 1980’s remake.

  • Sony’s R-rated political drama “The Ides of March” starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling enters its second weekend with solid midweek momentum that should land it about $7 million in the box office ballot box. The film has generated a positive response from critics and should continue to find favor with discerning audiences.

  • Rounding out the top 5 Warner Bros.’ “Dolphin Tale” will dive into its fourth weekend with another shot at a solid finish in the $5 million range and a total gross approaching $60 million. Completing the fish and game theme is Fox’s comedic newcomer “The Big Year” starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin as a trio of avid bird watchers searching for rare birds.

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