Occupy SF And Occupy Oakland Stand Their Ground

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    (San Francisco Examiner file photo)

  • The Bay Area is brewing with tension between Occupy Movement protesters and police this morning. Through the night, more than 1,000 activists camped out in San Francisco expecting a raid, as multiple busloads of police officers approached the area. While an onslaught never happened, police are calling on the demonstrators to leave the Justin Herman Plaza, saying the area is a “threat to public health.” According to the Mercery News, authorities told protesters they could potentially be arrested for “camping, cooking, urinating and littering in public parks.”

    Across the bay in Oakland, hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Oakland Police Department jail chanting “free them all, free them all!” referring to the people who were arrested the night before during an aggressive tear gas raid that triggered fiery police tactic debates across Twitter. Six or seven people were injured during Tuesday night’s incident, including 24-year-old Iraq veteran, Scott Olsen. The ex-Marine is in critical condition from being hit in the skull with a “blunt object,” according to his anti-war group, Iraq Veterans Against the War.

  • While no violence occurred last night in San Francisco or Oakland, controversy around relations between the police and protesters abound.