Booboo Stewart: Twilight’s Mr. Philanthropy

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    (Photo by Michael Burr)

  • While some young celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are risking jail rather than help people at court ordered community service, others, like Twilight werewolf pack member Booboo Stewart, selflessly give back as a hobby.

    I caught up with Booboo (real name Nils Allen Stewart Jr.) while he took a break from dancing at Friends Without a Border’s second annual Los Angeles gala to benefit the children of Cambodia Tuesday night at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The 17-year-old, who shot an ad for PETA during the day, told me, “I think it’s really important to use my platform to get charities names out to people who may not know about them.”

    Friends Without A Border raises awareness and funds to support Angkor Hospital for Children, a leading pediatric hospital providing medical care to children in post-genocide Cambodia. Through Angkor Hospital for Children, Friends Without A Border provides direct medical care and treatment to the children of Cambodia.

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    Booboo, Sage Stewart, Kenro Izu (Founder, Friends Without A Border), Fivel Stewart (Photo: Michael Burr and Mark Paul)

  • Booboo said, “I always try to help charities that help children. In Cambodia, the work Friends Without a Border is doing is so important for people to know about, almost 600 people and their families go to this hospital every day. He added, “With PETA, the campaign was to support rescuing dogs from shelters rather than buying them at pet stores. A lot of people don’t know that buying pets from a pet store is bad, that instead you can be saving a dog in a shelter. I think it’s important for people see that.”

    When not filling his free time supporting children’s charities, saving puppies or feeding the homeless via the Los Angeles Mission, Booboo jams in a band with his sister Fivel that he says is ‘pop rock.’ The pair are still trying to make studio time to finish their album, but fans in the LA area can catch their next show Nov. 12 at Knots Berry Farm, a few days before the final installment of Twilight debuts in theaters Nov. 18!

    Up next, Booboo has been at work on his next film White Frog where he plays a teenager with autism. He said, “Playing a teen with autism was so much harder than playing a werewolf, I did so much research on YouTube and it was really an amazing experience and once-in a lifetime role.” Premiere date coming soon.

    In the meantime, Booboo is gearing up for Halloween. He’s dressing as The Crow and said, “I’m extremely excited. I love Halloween and dressing up.” Good thing he’s an actor.

    Jennifer Birn is from Tonic, a platform for people to find, share and do good.