World Series Wins Online

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  • Early this week on our show we mentioned how IBM and USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab had discovered that despite lower TV ratings that usual the World Series was doing quite well on social media. There was no greater proof of this than when I checked the top trending stories this morning to find that 6 of the top 10 trends were World Series related.

    There is talk sometimes about how TV networks like it better when teams on the coasts are in the series. Presumably, because those teams are more popular and gain higher viewership, which means more ad revenue.

    But, when it comes to social media, engagement is growing. Year over year, no matter who is playing. Yesterday baseball had over 90,000 social mentions. As for which is more social right now the Rangers had just under 100,000 mentions while the Cardinals were right around 70,000. We’ll find out which team wins offline in Game 7 tonight.

    Here what just some of you are saying.