Daniel Craig Back as Bond, Bieber Hits 14 Million & More: While You Were Sleeping

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    Source: screenrant.com

  • While you were sleeping, Twitter is all a flutter for Daniel Craig, and ready for him to “Skyfall.” Justin Bieber proves he is the ultimate prince of social media. And once again, tear gas and flash bangs take over the Occupy Oakland demonstration.

    After years in hiding, 007 is back! Daniel Craig is now filming the 23rd James Bond installation “Skyfall.” Judi Dench will return on the big screen as Bond’s authoritative boss, M, while Javier Bardem takes on the role of the evil villain. Directed by Sam Mendez, the movie has shot so far in London, Scotland, Turkey and China. “Skyfall” is set to hit theaters in November 2012

    Surprise, surprise! Justin Bieber’s Twitter follower count has broke 14 million, and Beliebers across the Twittersphere are rejoicing. Coincidentally, the singer’s YouTube channel has surpassed two billion views. It looks like holiday cheer is boding him well on the web. His music video for his Christmas single “Mistletoe” has been hot on YouTube’s music charts for two weeks.

  • Last night, Occupy Oakland protestors had what they saw a major win at the Porte of Oakland when authorities cancelled a shift of port workers to start their duties. However, when the demonstrators went back to their main camp site at City Hall, and gained entry into an empty building to use as their new “community center,” police entered the picture wearing riot gear. Several dozen people were arrested this morning.

    The Occupy movement is showing no signs of slowing down in the United States. On Wednesday, approximately 70 Harvard students walked out of their Economics 10 class, taught by professor N. Gregory Mankiw, to show solidarity for the 99 percent. Gabriel H. Bayard, an organizer of the walkout, said the course is built on the set of ideas that led to the recession.

    “Ec 10 is a symbol of the larger economic ideology that created the 2008 collapse,” said Bavard. “Professor Mankiw worked in the Bush administration, and he clearly has a conservative ideology. His conservative views are the kind that created the collapse of 2008. This easy money focus on enriching the wealthiest Americans—he really operates with that ideology.”