Keep Wall Street Occupied…Without Leaving Your Home

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  • Many of us are not surprised each day when we open our mailboxes and find at least one solicitation from a credit card company. Like most of us, Artie Moffa, editor of Bicycle Comics, was just throwing his in the trash. Then, he got an idea.

    On October 27th Moffa posted a video entitled Keep Wall Street Occupied. In it, he walks you through several simple ways to turn junk mail into a statement, or as he puts it, “a communication.” The easiest action being just mailing the enclosed prepaid envelope back to the company empty.

    From there Moffa suggests that the heavier you make the envelope, the more the credit card company will be charged. He said, “I think the gold standard for postage-based protest would be something like a roofing shingle. Cause that’s really heavy, and dense, and crumbly.”

    Watch the full Keep Wall Street Occupied video right here.

  • And if you want a few more Occupying tips, Moffa posted this video last Monday.