Google+ Pages Launches for Brands to go Uber Social

  • Today, Google+ launched “Pages”, as a way for brands and businesses to create profiles and jump on board their growing social network of over 40 million users.

    The announcement was posted on their blog including the launch of “Direct Connect”, allowing “Pages” to appear in Google search results as well:

    In life we connect with all kinds of people, places and things. There’s friends and family, of course, but there’s also the sports teams we root for, the coffee shops we’re loyal to, and the TV shows we can’t stop watching (to name a few).

    So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide.

  • Brands who have already joined: H&M, Macy’sBurberry and The Muppets who have already scheduled their own Google+ hangout today. Tech expert Robert Scoble has also compiled a great list on his own Google+ page, with brands ranging from The Today Show to AT&T.