Rick Perry, Moustair and other Memes You Might Have Missed

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  • Texas Governor Rick Perry redefined the history of debate FAILs during Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate, when he failed to recall the name of the third agency he would eliminate along with Depts. of Commerce and Education if he won the election. Within minutes of Perry’s on-stage blunder, Twitter users quickly responded with commentaries and his moment of gaffe was near instantly uploaded onto YouTube, taking over Herman Cain’s videos relating to his harassment scandals on YouTube Politics channel’s Top 5 Hot Videos list. The link to the YouTube clip was posted on Reddit and made its way to the frontpage within hours.

  • Unintentional Viral Marketing: Huh?

    Redditor Nate Dern became an Internet folk hero after posting a video to the social news site Reddit of his first appearance in a commercial where his only line is a surprised “Huh?” Shortly after, several threads were created praising his appearance, and even a rage comic character was made in honor of Nate. Some Redditors speculated that the video was an elaborate viral marketing campaign, but this has been denied by Dern himself.

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  • Stock Photo Cliché: Women Struggling to Drink Water

    A series of stock photos showing women having a very difficult time drinking water out of plastic bottles went viral after it was posted to the women’s interest blog The Hairpin. The site has a history of pointing out absurd stock photo clichés, having posted a compilation of images showing women laughing alone while eating salad earlier this year. Other stock photo tropes that have been identified include men laughing alone with fruit salad, women proud of their two apples and pregnant women eating pickles.

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  • Image Macros: Irrational Black Woman

    Here’s an advice animal series for people who cannot stand Tyler Perry sitcoms. Based on a photograph of the Miss Black USA executive Karen Lyew, the meme was started by an anonymous Tumblr blogger in late October to poke fun at the stereotype of black women’s overbearing expectations in relationships as portrayed in popular films and TV shows. It quickly spread on Tumblr, spawning a single topic blog as well as spreading over to several beauty-related forums, where the joke led to a serious discussion over the appropriateness of the joke.

    YouTube Chain Video: Hastily Made Tourism Videos

  • Do you know what’s better than cheesy tourism promo videos? Hastily made tourism videos. This chain video series on YouTube consists of amateur-made parody ads for various cities across North America, showcasing a given city’s most mundane or embarrassing landmarks, such as ghettos or abandoned industrial sites, set to an often out-of-tune song that follows the literal music video style.
  • Photoshop Fad: Moustair

    Strange photos showing mustachioed men that have been edited to have a copy of their face placed directly below their mustache surfaced on Tumblr this week. The trend is referred to as “Moustair” (a portmanteau of “moustasche” and “hair”) since the copied face uses the subject’s mustache as a hair piece. The images bear some similarity to other face photoshop memes that have been successful on Tumblr including Steve Buscemeyes and celebrities without eyebrows.

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  • Deanna Leung Madden is part of the crew at Buzz Builders.