Outrage Over SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) Heats Up The Web

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  • Opponents of the proposed legislation are fearful that if passed this law could lead to the “great firewall of the United States,” and put innocent websites at risk of being censored.

    Multiple web companies including AOL, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Twitter, Yahoo, and Zynga sent a letter to Congress expressing their concerns. In an effort to convince Congress to take SOPA off the table, civil liberty groups and online content creators are endorsing American Censorship Day, a movement organized to ensure that free speech on the Internet is not jeopardized.

    Tumblr has taken a stand against the proposed bill by replacing dashboard content with censorship blocks and a link at the top of the site urging users to “tell Congress ‘no.'” Mozilla is also showing its cyber solidarity with a new Firefox start page reminding users to Protect the Internet.

  • Here’s some Twitter conversation on the SOPA saga.