Censorship and Sexy Sweater: Memes You Might Have Missed

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  • -The Elder LOLz: Fus Ro Dah

    The first Internet meme to pop out of Skyrim, the incredibly popular role-playing game in The Elder Scrolls series, is a series of words used to perform a dragon shout that summons a powerful voice from the player’s throat. The power has the ability to blast back an enemy, or whatever else is in its path, in a spectacular fashion, which has inspired a series of parody videos where people are blown out of the way by the phrase.

    – Advice Animals: Lazy College Senior

    A stock photo of a young man drinking a pint of beer at Oktoberfest became a mascot for senior year university students after being posted on the social news site Reddit. The image is captioned with behaviors typical of the disease known as “senioritis” that is an epidemic among burnt-out college students. Lazy College Senior is a chronic procrastinator, is truant for the most trivial of reasons and engages in excessive drug and alcohol consumption.

  • – Know Your Meme Episode: 60’s Spider-Man

    Know Your Meme’s Internet scientists Forest and Kristina take on the magnificent bastard 60’s Spider-Man, one of the most prolific image-captioning sensations to emerge from this year.