The UC Davis Incident: From Peaceful Protest to Social Media Phenomenon

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  • Controversy over police officers pepper spraying students during a peaceful tuition hike protest at UC Davis has taken over the Internet.

    As discussed on the show today, a video showing the incident went viral, and there have been nearly 130,000 social media mentions of the event, which has caused an uproar on the college’s campus. Faculty members have gone so far as to publicly urge UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Kateh to resign.

    Assistant Professor at UC Davis, Nathan Brown, Skyped in to tell us about his reactions to incident. “There’s a really brazen disregard for the lives of our students by chancellors in the UC system sending in riot police to disperse peaceful protests,” Brown said.

    As for the interwebs, they’ve been keeping the trend hot by circulating a photo meme centered around Officer John Pike, one of the policemen in the video, nonchalantly pepper-spraying innocent bystanders in iconic paintings and photos.

    Our panelists, Jodie Sweetin and Dave Coulier, both thought the action of the police were extreme. You watch can watch it all in the compelling Real Time Conversation below.