The Online Roller Coaster ‘Affairs’ Of Herman Cain

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    Source: AP

  • With the sex allegations galore, a new movie, and his own controversial slogan (the 9-9-9 plan), Herman Cain is steadily becoming a shoe-in cover for US Weekly.The Republican candidate is currently facing off with Atlanta business woman, Ginger White, who claims she had a 13-year affair with former pizza entrepreneur. Cain said he knows White, but has denied that he had an extramarital affair with her.

    White told a Fox News affiliate the relationship was “pretty simple.” She said she was aware that he was married, and that she was involved in a “very inappropriate situation.” As proof of the affair, White showed interviewers 61 calls and texts in her cellphone from a “Herman Cain.” Cain said he knew White, but that she had his contact information because he was helping her with her finances. Three other women prior to White have accused Can of sexual harassment.

    Outside of his sex alleged scandals, Cain is trying to revitalize his campaign with “9-9-9: The Movie,” an animated video tutorial explaining his plan to eliminate the current tax code.

  • Is Cain’s online crusade enough to keep him in the race?