Occupy LA: Hundreds of Arrests, Limited Media Coverage

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    Source: occupylosangeles.org

  • After two months, the Occupy L.A. encampment has been cleared out, but has the spirit of the movement died, as well?

    Judging by the press coverage clamp down, it seems that that is exactly what the L.A.P.D. hopes will happen. According to the Washington Post, the police only allowed select media outlets to be present during the raid of the Occupy LA site. Blogger Ruth Fowler reported that police said anyone not on their list would be arrested.

    Speaking of arrests, nearly 300 people were taken into custody Wednesday morning when the Occupy LA camp was shut down. Reports from authorities say that 1,400 police officers were involved, and that arrests were made with “minimal force.” Of course, the word “minimal” is currently up for debate across social media. Bail has been set at $5,000 for those who allegedly failed to clear out of the area.

  • Here’s a video of a man trying to take photos of the event before being taken down by multiple police officers.
  • Here are some of the first images of the police entering the scene.
  • People on Twitter and Facebook have had plenty so say about the closing down of the encampment and the media restrictions.