Say Hello To Spotify Apps – Announces Music Platform And Partnerships

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  • The service is opening up to partners like music magazines Rolling Stone and Pitchfork, music recommendation engines like, lyric finders like TuneWiki, concert ticket suggestions like SongKick and more. Spotify released a 1 minute video to explain their recent development:

  • The Spotify Platform, as it’s formally called, is launching with a set of initial applications from companies like Rolling Stone, where you’ll be able to listen to albums and songs as you read reviews and top ten lists; TuneWiki, where you’ll be able to read (or sing) along with a scrolling set of lyrics as you play a track; and Songkick, where you can find when an artist you are listening to has a concert near you soon.

    By giving external programmers access to its platform, Spotify hopes to make its service more appealing and multifeatured through applications that boost and extend its social and music capabilities, the company said.