How To Join The Digital United Front Against AIDS

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  • Thirty years since the first diagnosis of an AIDS patient, the web is recognizing World AIDS Day, a time to commemorate those who have passed away as a result of the disease and to support the global crusade to raise funds for a cure. An estimated 33.3 million people are living with AIDS/HIV worldwide.

    As communities continue to form and grow together through digital connectivity, more opportunities to join forces as a global team against the condition are surfacing. There are a number of different ways you can take online and offline action to participate in the united front against AIDS and HIV. Here are a few ideas.

    Visit HIVAware to learn about different World AIDS Day campaigns you can support. People are encouraged to become involved with the charity NAT, which is dedicated to changing society’s view on HIV and working on getting HIV education into classrooms.

    Join the Facing AIDS initiative.To show support for those living with the disease, you can download a Facing AIDS sign, snap a photo of yourself holding the sign, and post it in the Facing AIDS gallery.

    Check out to learn about how you can use new media to connect, collaborate, create, and engage around HIV/AIDS. From podcasts to video games to QR codes, the site describes a variety of different digital tools that can be leveraged for gaining and spreading knowledge about the cause.

    Add a panel to the (2015) Digital Quilt, a digital patchwork of images made be people all over the world who have pledged to join the fight for an AIDS free generation by the year 2015. The advocacy groups ONE and RED created this project as a means of reaching the beginning of the end of AIDS.