Meet the “No BS” 2012 Presidential Candidate

  • If some of the folks who are running for President have made it this far, who says a puppet can’t?

    Our friends at Nerdist (we’re talking to you Chris Hardwick) posted one of the first videos to their new YouTube channel, making a very clear hit for the 2012 political season. They have partnered with the brilliant and funny folks at Henson to introduce us to a new 2012 presidential candidate, Marvin E. Quasniki. The puppet made his big announcement on CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett Wednesday.

    According to the video, Quasniki is from Tonopah, Nevada and is a turquoise farmer. His promises to America?

    “Make the oval office more circular and pleasing, no more bullsh**t again… lets get back into space, fifthly go back to basics. I want to restore America’s standing in the world. When I’m President we’re at least going to get back into top 5. We’re going to make the playoffs this year.”

  • You can even follow Quasniki on Twitter, Facebook or buy his merchandise to wear your support for his candidacy.