MLB Update: Albert Pujols Is An Angel

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    Albert Pujols is Los Angeles of Anaheim bound. Getty Images

  • Free agency’s most coveted prize, Albert Pujols, received a heavenly deal this morning. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim offered the former-Cardinals slugger a celestial 10-year, $250 million.

    Pujols, of course, agreed.

    The news of Pujols’ signing comes on the heels of a rescinded offer from the Miami Marlins, a team experiencing the advent of a season full of re-branding. Miami extended a near-equivalent deal to the first-baseman in an attempt for Pujols to be a guardian of the heaviest hispanic markets in the country. But, when the Marlins signed another hispanic superstar, Jose Reyes, and star pitcher Mark Buehrle, the Marlins could no longer afford the man many expect to reach Ruthian records in the coming years.

    The Angels, another team with a potentially heavy hispanic market and not to mention a team within the second largest market in the country, have been a steady source of success over the last decade. But lately have descended to a level they have not experienced in quite some time, missing the playoffs twice in as many seasons. The Angels think Pujols can help them return to the promised land. The Angels also signed All-Star southpaw pitcher C.J. Wilson.

    In 2011, Pujols captained the Cardinals to a World Series Championship.