For Better or Worse, Social Media Has An Impact On Purchasing

  • Have you ever wondered just how much of an impact social media has on spending habits, online privacy paranoia, and the need to share or not share one’s current romantic situation or lack thereof? GMR Marketing polled 1,000 people about how much social media has affected their lives overall and found some interesting results.

    Twenty-three percent of the poll participants were concerned about privacy. Eighty-five percent, or one of four of the pollers said social media has a direct effect on their purchasing decisions, which means that someone with 400 friends can influence 100 people. As much attention as a person’s relationship status gets on Facebook, 85 percent of the group said they don’t feel any pressure to make their romantic information public. On the flip side, one in five voters admitted to breaking up with someone via Facebook or e-mail. Parish the thought!

    Check’s out this breakdown of the poll.

  • Social media marriage infographic gmr marketing 343x1024

    Source: GMR Marketing