The ‘Geek Lobby’ Shows Face To Fight SOPA

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  • SOPA, the worst acronym in the history of the Internet, as far as multitudes of technology entrepreneurs are concerned, will not get a step closer to being passed by Congress if the Geek Lobby can help it. Google, Facebook, and web activists are taking their united front against the Stop Online Piracy Act to the next level by making their identites known with a visual petition, which shows photographs of all the people against the proposed law that could potentially close down any sites containing pirated content. Opponents of the bill argue that online destinations with linked articles and evident sharing of any kind are in serious jeopardy, which counters the fundamentals of the Internet itself.

    Essentially, if SOPA takes over, the collaboration and sourcing of material across the social web will be banned. With the bill being brought to a committee for voting this Thursday, there is no time to waste in voicing your stance on the issue.

    If you’re in support of the fight against SOPA you can add yourself to the image-clad petition I Work for the Internet. You can also enter your information at the Stop American Censorship site, and rally with other web activists in urging Congress to take the proposal off the table. To censor your website as a gesture of solidarity against the bill, you can use a text blocking tool here.

    Here’s what people are saying online about the issue.