Gay Veteran Surprises Mitt Romney With Same Sex Marriage Question

  • When Mitt Romney sat down with a gay veteran during breakfast at an event in New Hampshire meant to highlight his endorsement Tuesday morning, little did he know the chat would steer controversial and then go viral online. The video taken by ABC News, features the conversation between Romney and 63-year old New Hampshire resident Bob Garon, who asks the Presidential candidate about his stance on gay marriage. Here’s some of the exchange:

    Romney: “I believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. We apparently disagree on that.”

    Garon: “It’s good to know how you feel, that you do not believe everyone is entitled to their constitutional rights.

    Romney: “No, actually I think at the time the Constitution was written it was pretty clear marriage was between a man and a woman.”

    Watch the rest of the discussion in the video below, with Romney maintaining his composure the entire time. Once he leaves for an interview with Fox News, Garon- still seated- passionately shares his thoughts on the cause and his disapproval of Romney with reporters.