Donald Trumps Vlogs: Why He Might Run As Independent For President

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  • “People can’t stand the Democrats, and they can’t stand the Republicans,” declared The Donald.

    The political and web video moment many have anticipated and just as many have feared is here. Donald Trump has taken to YouTube to let the world know why he canceled the Rebpulican debate he was scheduled to moderate. The business mogul said that other than Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum all the other candidates were afraid to go into the debate because they think Trump is going to run for president himself. And he may do just that.

    “I won’t give up the possibility of come around June running as an independent candidate. I just don’t thinks it’s fair to myself, to the country, to all of the millions that are following what I have to say because they’re tired of having this country being ripped off by China, by OPEC, by South Korea, by Mexico, by every single country there is. Everybody is ripping off the United States, and making us a poor nation. So I’m not going to give up the possibility of running as an independent candidate, and because of that I think it’s inappropriate that we have the debate.

  • Here’s some social media reaction to the recent news about Trump and his Twitter behavior.