Occupy Wall Street May As Well Be Called Ban The Media

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    Source: storify.com

  • Suffice to say, the police have been facing off with Occupy movement protesters and a great portion of the media for the last two months. An altercation between the NYPD and New York Times photojournalist Robert Stolarik is a perfect example of the ongoing battle that has evolved since Occupy Wall Street began taking shape.

    In this video, police are intentionally blocking shots being taken by Stolarik at Monday’s World Financial Center demonstration. The scene begins two minutes into the video. What’s next? Outlawing cameras across the country?

  • NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has already told police officers to not interfere with credentialed press coverage of the Occupy movement. In November, he sent an internal order to the department saying disciplinary action would be taken against any officers who acted unreasonably toward journalists.