Are the Clippers the Best Basketball Team In LA?

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    The LA Clippers may be “the City’s” best team.

  • With this morning’s addition of former-New Orleans superstar point guard Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers have one of the more impressive starting line-ups in the NBA. Already highlighted by the altitudinal masters Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers–a team renown for lackluster-to-mediocre teams–could actually make a run at the Western Conference, given Paul’s assisting and defensive abilities.

    But, what has become a striking social media debate online this morning is not truly about the Clippers, but more about the state of one of basketball’s capital cities, Los Angeles. Home to the proud programs of the Los Angeles Lakers, UCLA Bruins, and USC Trojans, Los Angeles has perennially laughed at the Clippers organization. As recently as last year, ESPN named the Clippers the worst run sports team in America–across all sports of all levels.

    Due to seasons of growing futility for the Bruins and Trojans, as well as statistical projections displaying an edge for the Clippers over the now-Lamar-Odom-less Lakers in the coming shortened-NBA season, many believe the Clippers to be the city’s prized basketball team.

    Here is what some are saying about the Clippers today: