Facebook Timeline: The Web Shares Mixed Reviews About The New Facelift

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    Source: slashgear.com

  • Real time serendipity and frictionless sharing just got a facelift on Facebook. The social network rolled out its new feature, Facebook Timeline, on Thursday.

    I just went to Facebook.com/about/Timeline to be graced with the glossy magazine-esque looking interface that provides users with a digital scrapbook of their lives. I have to admit that the layout reminds me a great deal of Myspace, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m also not certain how I feel about offering information about my major life events and every epic place I’ve ever been. (Some things are still sacred.) Of course, that’s optional. Overall, I enjoy the look and feel of the changes that have been implemented.

    After Facebook users make the switch to Timeline, they have seven days to delete any photos that may be considered embarrassing or suspect before they’re woven into the default appearance on their profile pages.

  • The people have spoken, and they have mixed reviews about the new look.