Want Your Own Barista? There’s An App For That

  • Apple’s iPhone has over 500,000 apps in their app store that do all kinds of crazy things. Scanomat adds one more crazy thing to the list with an app that controls your coffee. The “TopBrewer Coffee Faucet” gives the user a coffee that is up to “barista standards.” It is designed to fit on any table top, or just anywhere with a drain.

    What may or may not make you leave your Mr. Coffee is the fact that you can tell the TopBrewer what kind of drink you want just by using your iPhone. It can do everything from Americanos to Macchiatos. Though, if you want something simple like warm milk, it does that as well. It can be customized by size, temperature and the TopBrewer also works without an iPhone by using a touchscreen next to the faucet, but where is the fun in that?

  • Pricing has not been officially released, but it seems like one of those instances where, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. One things for sure, this is the beginning of a trend we’ll see more coffeemakers adopt in the future