Social Media Send Condolences To Family Killed In New Jersey Plane Crash

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    Source: Reuters

  • A small plane crashed on Interstate 287 in New Jersey on Tuesday, killing five people. The catastrophe took the lives of investment bank managing director Jeffrey Buckalew, his wife Corinne Buckalew, their two children, and Rakesh Chawla, another managing director at Buckalew’s firm. The plane, which didn’t have a black box that would have recorded all the flight data, was headed to Atlanta, Georgia. Federal investigators are resuming their search of the wreckage for details to determine what went wrong. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, icing may have been a factor.

  • During the aftermath of this tragedy, local residents and people around the country are sending their condolences to friends and relatives of the Buckalew family and of Chawla’s.