Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out Against SOPA

  • The tech world continues to speak out against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Hearings on the bill at the US House of Representatives were slated to resume today, but it seems like the decision will now be delayed until next year. That news comes as a petition passed its goal of 25,000 signatures, well ahead of the January 17th deadline, asking President Obama to veto the bill and any future ones like it.

    Meanwhile, actor and tech investor, Ashton Kutcher, took to his blog today to argue the bill and inform his over 8.8 million followers about the issue at hand:

    SOPA Bill is trying to prevent intellectual property piracy which is a legitimate goal, but the way it is going about it will break the Internet and may cause economic calamity.

     At it’s core SOPA unwillingly recruits Internet industry companies like social networks, ISP’s and search engines to become policing agents and legally liable for it’s users content. Forcing social media sites and ISP’s responsible for users content is amazingly burdensome and costly. SOPA will create economic problems for Internet start-ups which will be an additional negative side effect. This may cause a slow down in Internet economic sector which is providing real jobs and innovation for the US economy.

     DMCA may not be perfect but it does allow for copy write owners to police it’s intellectual property to be removed from we sites by bad actors or zealous fans. Thus removing the legal liability from the search engine or ISP that points to or hosts this content. Yes I understand that this is difficult to manage with overseas web sites, but SOPA as it written causes more problems then solves.

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