Hey Girl, 2011 Is The Year Ryan Gosling Won The Internet

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    Source: ology.com

  • In the early 1990s, he made young girls swoon when he sang with the Mickey Mouse Club. In 2004, he melted the hearts of millions when he starred in the epic romance “The Notebook.” In 2006, he received the most sought-after industry respect an actor can strive for when he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in “Half Nelson.” In 2011, Ryan Gosling won the Internet. From a handful of hit movies including “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “Drive” to being dubbed the “coolest person of the year” by Time Magazine’s Joel Stein, this year has definitely been the year of Ryan Gosling. He even caused a web-wide uproar and protest when People Magazine named Bradley Cooper the sexiest man alive instead of him. And why shouldn’t the decision have triggered controversy? Gosling practically looks like he’s “photoshopped.” Coincidentally, I interviewed the star a few years ago, and he admitted that he actually doesn’t understand why women find him attractive at all.

    This week, the social Internet showed even more love for Gosling when artist Lian Amaris got some buzz for her hilarious Tumblr blog Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling. The site serves as a nice accompaniment to another popular Tumblr called F*ck Yeah Ryan Gosling. Let’s not forget about the artsy and sensitive side of Gosling either. The heartthrob’s inner artist is captured in the meme Museum Ryan Gosling, while the actor’s progressive mind is projected in the blog Feminist Ryan Gosling. Thanks to the aforementioned web fodder, women around the world will never receive the words ‘Hey Girl’ with any lackluster vibe ever again.

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