Top Google Doodles of The Year!

  • The creative folks at Google never fail to impress with their Google Doodles. It has actually become a staple of the company with over 260 unique doodles being posted this year alone. The use of the doodles began in 1998 when Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the logo to honor Burning Man. They have since created over 1000 doodles, designed by a group of their own illustrators and engineers.

    Enjoy their latest festive Happy Holidays doodle, which is lighting up search results right now!





    Here are the top 5 that caught our attention this year:

    1) Halloween 2011

    The team worked with six giant pumpkins and spent 8 hours carving them to complete a timelapse video they posted on the homepage.



    2) Total Lunar Eclipse

    While Google HQ couldn’t catch the eclipse themselves, they worked with  Slooh Space Camera to let you experiencit wherever you are in the world, in real time. The doodle updated throughout the day to show the latest state of the moon.


    3) Les Paul’s 96th Birthday

    In honor of the the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Google created an interactive doodle inspired by the electric guitar. Just place your mouse over the strings and play away.


    4) 122nd Birthday of Charlie Chaplin

    Google honored the silent film star on his birthday April 16th, with the first ever action video doodle on their homepage starring the entire doodle team.




    5) Happy Valentine’s Day 

    The love was shared across 59 countries on Valentine’s day with this Robert Indiana inspired doodle.