Anchor Flubs Go Viral

  • Annie Stensrud seems to be the latest reporter who is victim to an on-air flub that is now going viral online. In the video below, the Minnesota evening anchor seems to be slurring during a recent newscast on Sunday December 4th at 10pm. Many shared the video, commenting that Stenrud seemed drunk. Watch the video HERE.

    She then released the statement: ‘My performance last Sunday [December 4 at 10pm] was terrible, and for that I apologise… I’ve been sick for some time and taking medication and have missed a lot of work lately.

    Meanwhile, the GM of the station, Dennis Walhstrom, told WCCO Radio that “she had a reaction to a medication… She’s also missed work and had not been feeling well for the past week… She probably shouldn’t have come in. She should have called in.”

    The incident even got the attention of David Letterman who subsequently created the “Top 10 Signs Your Local News Team is Drunk”.

  • Oddly enough, Stensrud was arrested last Wednesday for a DWI.

    The incident seems to remind many of Los Angeles reporter, Serene Branson, who is trending on Google today. Branson made headlines after having a reported stroke on-air during a post-Grammy segment in