Bill Maher Mocks Tim Tebow’s Faith On Twitter

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  • Bill Maher’s name is taking over social media streams today, due to a tweet the Atheist comedian posted on Christmas Eve about Tim Tebow’s performance on the football field. After the Denver Broncos lost to the Buffalo Bills Maher tweeted, “Wow, Jesus just f—– #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.”

    Of course, the comment has received plenty of backlash from commentators, Tebow fans, and Christians across the board. Fox Business’ “Follow the Money” host Eric Bolling tweeted, “Bill Maher is disgusting vile trash. I can’t even repeat what he just tweeted about Tebow..on Christmas Eve. #straighttohellBill.”

  • The Internets have expressed themselves, as well. Some people have even called for a boycott of Maher’s HBO series “Real Time.”