Awkward Moment Between Journalist and Rick Perry

  • Republican Governor Rick Perry is put on the spot by Politico Chief White House Correspondent Mike Allen about his run for President, but the tables quickly turn on the journalist.

  • Mike Allen, Politico: “Governor, some of your staffers have told us that you ran this as a gubernatorial campaign for too long and you didn’t look big enough, get big enough, fast enough. Do you take some responsibility?”

    Gov. Rick Perry: “I don’t know who you are talking to, so I can’t respond unless you give me a name.”

    Allen: “These are members of your staff.”

    Perry: “You got a name?”

    Allen: “Who say –“

    Perry: “You got a name?”

    Allen: “You won’t listen to –“

    Perry: “You got a name?”

    Allen: “Uh.”

    Perry: “If you don’t have a name to tell me this individual said this, then I don’t take that as a corroborating source.”