The Casey Anthony Video Blog No One Asked For

  • Well it has been a few months since Casey Anthony’s name found itself in the daily news headlines – and while you may have thought “finally no more Casey Anthony stories! Now I can forget about that baby killin-” right there, at that point in your thought process, Casey dropped her first video blog on the world.

    Apparently, back in October Casey got a new computer and discovered the wide world of web cams! Then, through potentially better judgement, or a close friend that saw the video and hide it from the public in an as yet un-rewarded heroic act, Casey did not release the video. Until now.

    The youtube channel HollyandJonBriley uploaded the video yesterday, and since then it has been making an accelerated trip around the internet. There’s so much to say about this vague black and white “video diary,” like for instance the fact that she doesn’t mention her daughter at any point in this 4 minute+ epic – but nothing I can say here would adequately equal the genuine article, so here it is:

  • It’s hard for me to type anymore exposition on this whole ordeal without flipping out and losing faith in the world around me – the take away here is that this is an obvious sign of the coming apocalypse and you should begin prepping your fallout bunker.