Broncos Win, But Tebow Triumphs on Twitter

  • Special guest post by Esteban L. Hernandez

    It took only one play in overtime for the Denver Broncos to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday evening in Denver. When it was all over, the scoreboard read 29-23 in favor of the home side.

    On the field, clutching his helmet and pointing toward the heavens, an overwhelmed quarterback named Tim Tebow smiled. Tebow Time had struck again, with the help of an 80-yard pass to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

    The win not only secured a playoff game against the No. 1 ranked New England Patriots in Massachusetts on Saturday, the win garnered, as usual, a flurry of Twitter mentions for the Broncos’ quarterback. He was immediately a top trending topic after the game’s sudden ending.

    More impressive was the celebrity response. Ranging from pro athletes to musicians, all seemed to praise Tebow’s challenging task of winning the game for the Broncos against a team who’d lost only four games during the regular season.

    Atop the list? Lady Gaga, who unexpectedly tweeted to her more than 17 million followers that despite being a New York Giants fan, she said Tebow looked like a champion.

    Check out some of the other celebrities who congratulated Tebow and the Broncos.