Stephen Colbert Announces His ‘Possible’ Presidential Candidacy

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  • Stephen Colbert is setting his sights on the South Carolina primary. On Thursday night, during his Comedy Central show the “Colbert Report,” he announced that he’s looking into making a political run. “I am proud to announce that I am forming an exploratory committee to lay the ground work for my possible candidacy of President of the United States of South Carolina,” declared Colbert.

    The comedian, who is a South Carolina native, has been pushing his mock campaign to bring attention to super PACS, which are political action committees that are allowed to raise unlimited funds for promoting favor or disapproval of candidates. According to ABC News, Colbert’s political action committee — Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has bought approximately $10,000 of airtime in South Carolina.

    The interwebs are showing strong support for Colbert’s potential presidential endeavors.

  • The South Carolina primary takes place on January 21st.