CES 2012: The Biggest Trends And The Future Of Web TV

  • For our special What’s Trending live from CES 2012, presented by VIZIO, our expert trio of panelists Robert Scoble, Veronica Belmont, and iJustine, shared their insights on the biggest trends at this year’s tradeshow. We discussed everything from cloud computing to Microsoft’s last year on the CES floor to the rise of ultrabooks, smart TVs, the future of web TV, and a whole lot more.

    Belmont said this year is all about the cloud. “It’s almost like a drinking game at this point for talking about cloud computing,” said Belmont. “Every time someone says something that’s integrated with the cloud, take a drink. All the different companies are doing their own version of cloud services, and they’re doing a lot of flicking content back and forth between devices. So we’re definitely seeing a lot of that.”

    For iJustine, size at CES matters. “I think technology is getting so much smaller, and you want to have it with you at all times,” shared iJustine. “I mean now I travel with a 3DS, a Verizon wifi card, a Macbook Air, my iPhone, all of this all in one.”

    When asked his take on the significance of having the IAWTV Awards held at CES this year, Scoble said it’s important for web video creators to be present “because TV is changing and we’re now able to watch iJustine on our TV, right? We’re now able to talk on Twitter about the TV we’re seeing, whether it’s the Oscars or Veronica’s show. We’re now able to control our TV from these new gadgets, whether it’s an iPad, an iPhone or an android tablet. The world of TV is changing.”